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Competitive Price And High Quality RQ-DSL-8 Electric Counting Machine
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RQ-DSL-8 Sead Counting Machine and Bag Packing Machine   Introduction This machine is the important equipment for the production line of vial solid preparations. It is used for counting and split charging of the tablet including the shaped tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule (various shapes, transparent, nontransparent) and pill. It is able to combine with the vial distributing machine, paper stuffing machine, desiccant inserter, cap screwing machine, electromagnetic induction foil-sealing machine and self-adherence labeling machine to form full-automatic high-speed bottled production line. It has been widely used in the industries such as pharmacy, food, chemical engineering, etc., It is fully conforming to GMP certification requirements.Main Features1. Strong compatibility, high accuracy, wide applicable range and adopting the dust-resistance photoelectric detection technology. It is realizing the counting and split charging for the tablet including the shaped tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule ( transparent and nontransparent) and pill.2. Oscillatory type material loading, without damaging the drugs.3. High intellectualism, multi detection and alarming control functions like never missing the count for vials, self-check against failure;4. Smart structure, stability, replacing parts infrequently, small occupation area, low cost;5. Convenience in replacing the variety, automatic rise and fall, convenient and fast disassembly without any tools;6. Chinese-display control panel, storing the parameters of 10-20 varieties, particular convenience in adjustment and use;7. Full automatic operation, intelligent joint control between the last and next processes, perfect coordination, without person attendance, saving the labor;8. Low price, particularly suitable for the manufacturers of small batch and many varieties;9. Control chip is the original imported from USA, and the photoelectric sensing element is introduced from Taiwan. Main Technical ParametersModelRQ-DSL-8Applicable targetRQ-DSL-8:#00-5 capsule, soft capsule, Ø 5.5-12table,shaped,sugarcoated tablet and Ø3-12 pillProduction capacity10~30 bottles/minDescription for production capacityRelevant to variety, size, vial specification and filling levelFilling range2-9999 grains (tablets) adjustablePower consumption220V/50HZ,1.2KWOutline dim.(mm)660×1280×780mmWeight180KGRQ-DSL-8 Sead Counting Machine and Bag Packing Machine.pdfRQ-DSL-8 Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine.pdfRQ-DSL-12 Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine.pdfRQ-DSL-16 Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine.pdfRQ-DSL-24 Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine.pdfRQ-DSL-32 Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine.pdf
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